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Music workshops in june and july 2015  
    The mbira is a deceptively simple-looking instrument which in fact needs technique and passion. At the art space Conflunce(S) in Périgueux, Dordogne, France, you can learn to play this fascinating instrument, whether you are an adult or a child, a beginner or a more experienced musician. Hope Masike, who mixes jazz and slam with traditional music, is an excellent musician. She has worked in Norway, teaching mbira and African singing, and she will come to France for the fifth year this summer between gigs elsewhere, and she would love to share her  music with you.


The Mbira, musical instrument of the Shona people

    In Zimbabwe, a Shona Mbira piece consists of a basic cyclical pattern which includes numerous intertwined melodies, often with contrasting and syncopated rhythms. There are extensive possibilities for rhythmic and melodic variation within the traditional improvisational style. Each performance of an mbira piece is unique in a way similar to the jazz master's performance - the identity of the piece is clear, the musician's typical style is evident, yet the performance is fresh, new, unexpected, and totally expressive of the present moment.