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Sculpting workshops  
Rickosn and Lisborn are coming back in summer 2015..

lisborn rixon

Rickson and Lisborn, stone-sculptors from Zimbabwe, are coming back in summer 2015.

    After the success of their stone-sculpting workshops in the past, Rickson and Lisborn to come back in 2015 to carry on this artistic, creative and, at the same time, very human adventure.

  July and August (confirm exact dates).

   The workshops are meant for people of all ages, beginners as well as confirmed artists. The participants will work on a piece of Zimbabwean stone, serpentine or opal-stone, and will, at the same time, enjoy discovering this country's art in the presence of these two fine sculptors.

Don't miss your chance to meet Rickson and Lisborn and to experience with them the pleasure of working on the ancient and very noble medium  of metamorphic Zimbabwean stone.

The sculptors

2009 to 2012 Alexander Chitungo is an respected and confirmed sculptor from Zimbabwe.


    Born in 1969 in the small town of Marondera in Zimbabwe, Alexander Chitungo studied at the well-known Prince Edward's High School in Harare. In 1990, he started sculpting stone, after unforgettable encounters with the renowned Shona art sculptors, Tonderai Marezva and Lincoln Muteta.

    Alexander’s work has been exhibited around the world, from the USA through to the Netherlands, France, Germany, South Africa, Mozambique and of course Zimbabwe.

    His work, both abstract and figurative, is often characterised by its beautiful feminine curves and its poignant and aesthetic strength. As one of his many admirer’s said : “He seems to twist the stone…it’s extraordinary”. 
    See his personal website :    


Lisborn Mashaya was born in 1984 in Seke in Zimbabwe.    


    From a young age Lisborn has been familiar with ways of sculpting. During school holidays he could sculpt on the soft rocks. After finishing school, there was only one path he wanted to follow. He began to sculpt.

    In his work, he likes to represent his traditional shona culture as it applies in everyday life. "My work is mainly focusing on the society of women. I grew up with my mother from childhood to a tender age, so I always see the importance women play in society. I see the importance to continue to record and describe the role women play in our society through my work. When I'm sculpting, the stone itself gives me a picture when I look at it. Sometimes, however, I use imagination from my mind then I have to force the raw stone to do what I want. Sculpting is a time for me and the stone to communicate...The stone itself tells me what to do, then I follow the lines.".


Rickson Zavare Murehwa


CHITUNGWIZA ARTS CENTRE, P.O. Box 162 Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe; Tel: +263-733-256172;

Was born on the 27th of August in 1977 in the rural area in Murehwa, the place that gave birth to his trade name (Murehwa) in the world of Art. He grew up in Murehwa, did his primary and secondary education at Nyamutumbu School. Obtained six Ordinary levels, did his Advanced Education at Seke One High School in Chitungwiza.

He is married with two little girls. Developed a passion for art at primary level as practical subject. He speaks shona, English and little of Deustch  and Ndebele.

His passion for art was ignited by Tago Tazvitya his Brother-in-law in 1996 as he was Tago’s assistant. The spirit of working on stone started germinating and grew up noticeable. He could not eat while enjoying the stones and its shapes. The environment played a strong part before he was practically bonded with life in sculptures.

His objectives are:

  1. creating original sculptures
  2. create self reliance
  3. to preserve African Heritage
  4. giving back to the community
  5. participating in cultural exchange programme
  6. training of school leavers and less privileged people
He has contributed immensively in the management of Chitungwiza Arts Centre.

- Confirm exact dates.

- Minimum workshop length recommended : 12 to 15 hours (choice of days and time-slot)